Saturday, November 15, 2008

Alll eyes on you!


I Teach groups. I see faults in movements. I correct what I see.
The cert I just attended focused solely on my ability to do this effectively. Actually I was graded on a scale that messured how close to doing this perfectly I could do this. Talk about pressure. This cert was tedious and my focus had to be on point. I learned alot and I am coming back better!

I aim to be the best fitness instructor in Austin.

So to you I promise effective training and attention to detail with everything we do.
I will get better and better everyday and expect the same from you.
If you train with me... you will be in good hands!
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JDP said...

dont expect nothing less then the best...and iron cactus buffet! its all on you son!

Lion Heart said...

that's my boy! I wouldn't expect anything less from you.

Smarty said...

Mike, you are a great coach. IMHO, there are none better. But I appreciate your continual striving for excellence, because it's what we all should be doing!