Friday, November 21, 2008

The Beginners Advantage

Most of the time starting something new can seem very intimidating. Starting a Crossfit class is especially hard for the person who has never done it and the feeling of being so far behind everybody else can be frustrating and almost impossible to understand how you get to a higher levels the class moves at.
All I can say is this... You have to start somewhere.
The newbie is a step ahead still. Starting in a fitness program, especially Crossfit, is a sure fine way to get yourself lifted to a better lifestyle. Many people want to start and don't because they are too concerned or make too many lame excuses. A Beginner here may not be up to par with everybody, but the are very much at a total advange of taking charge of their life.
They have chosen to take part in a community of individuals who fight for constant improvement of self. Usually it is seen in a physical sence, but entirely is based around a stonger mental fortitude.
Welcome outsiders. You may not know what you gotten your self into, but you are in it for the right reason!
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