Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coaching -- Right or Wrong Way?


Crossfit or Sport... Whatever you pursue for your own interest or Desires requires alot of motivation. Usually when you are self motivated to do something or learn something you do not need much external push from anybody else.

JDP posted a Blog from Jon Gilson a couple days back. John Gilson is a Crossfit Instuctor up in Boston who has a tremendous talent for creative/ motivating writing and also a solid ability to teach the movements that we perform.
He has a way of training that is his own and in this article he shares his ideas of his client and their need for him.

I've also been able to evaluate and learn from many other trainers and coaches over the last several years(Our's Included). The one thing that I've noticed is that eveybody has there own approach in the way they work with people. My way is different then Lance's or Jeremys. Crystal trains different than Randal. Zac and Carey do it their own way. We are all our own personality and will all have a different approach to teaching.

The Beuty of it is... its all good! We are all effective instructors and will get people doing safe and efficient training the best way we can. We will encourage and challenge in our own way. We will provide great instuction as we go.

Gilson's article and overall philosophy are solid. I respect what he does. I can guarentee you though that as I read that, this is far, FAR away from my approach to teaching Crossfit and working with my clients. In my class, I expect hard working, motivated individuals. I aim to keep you excited to continue to come back. I know my clients need me there so they can learn and become better movers, but by no means do I believe that they do not have it in them to go harder without me. I want succesful athletes in my programs. I believe that my programs develope more success to all who come.

Becoming greater is your choice... not mine!
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Smarty said...

All the instructors at Crossfit Central are awesome, and y'all make such a strong team! I like your positive and encouraging coaching style. Thanks for all you do!