Friday, November 7, 2008

My man Joe

Joe is another one of my PT clients. I love training this guy because I feel like he is very much like myself.

We are about the same age. We both love what we do and I believe are very good at what we do. Joe motivates me as a young entreprenuer to be on top of my game and be feerless in my approach to work.
Keeping our vision on the task at hand as well as the future ahead is something we share and I enjoy his presence for that reason.

This guy sent me an email about a year ago before we met saying who he was and what he was wanting to do for himself physically. He came into the gym as a beginner with a long way to go. He has been steadily increasing his fitness level with days and days of coming into the gym .
Joe is no stranger to being smoked to the point of having to make his own sweat angels. In fact I am not sure if we have had one workout where he didn't have to lay flat on his back by the time we finished.

He is going heavier and harder every workout. this kind of work ethic is all I could ask for from any client. Come in. Shake everything out of your head and 3...2...1 GO!

Give your best and Get some BadAss Results! Right Joe?

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