Friday, November 7, 2008

Thanks Robb Wolf

When I went to the Crossfit Games this year I told Robb Wolf that I wanted to get him to help me dial in my diet. Turns out the guy has givin so much information to me that I already had that I didn't need him to help me personally. My body needed me to make a few changes and I did. Without Robb though, I may still be listening to all the other crap people are teaching.

What I've done differently. Its called the Paleo diet! Since I started 2 months ago I've cut out most dairy (cheese, milk, and yogurt)and increased my nutrient dence carbs(veggies and fruit). My fat consumption is higher too!

What is the result? My workouts are better, my recovery is faster, and I'm even leaner than I've ever been!

Everybody I talk to veiws nutrition the way that I used to. Grains are good for you and Fat is bad for you.

Guess what... This is wrong. No question about it. Healthy and strong bodies are chosen through our nutrition!

Thanks Robb Wolf yet again for another confirmation.

Read Insight from Robb about the right way to eat!

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