Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bench Press again


Once apon a time I did bench press 3X a week. Over the last year I can count how many times I've used a bench on one hand. It's known that its good to have a good strength base to make yourself a stronger Crossfitter. Obviously if you don't have the strength rep out 20 pullups or 30 good push-ups, then you will likely not do really well at a big Crossfit competition.

Here is what is funny though. I currently lift less often with heavy weights but have seen major strength increases even with something like bench press. Funny how the power of using only you body weight with enough pushups, pullups, squats and ring dips can results in something like that.

I am however happy to announce that the benches are in and if you come workout with us often enough, you too may be able to have a chance to use them once about every three months.

Strength is specifically the allowance of what your mind believes in!

Think strong and you will be!
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