Monday, November 24, 2008



Crossfit's approach is total fitness. We have no niche. We do not specialize in anything. That is why we do not believe it is possible to really be "FIT" with any limited scope of training.

One component we train, and take a whole lot of pride in incorporating is strength. By no means do we aim to be the strongest lifters alive, but we do lift intentially heavy. Today we are getting off the track and cycles and hitting the gym for a day of raw and boundless strength testing. We will not get our heartrate up to try to burn alot of calories. We will not see if our lunges will colapse today by moving faster than we ever have. We will simply pony up with one heavy ass barbell, get set in a solid position, and see what we got for on rep!
Are we stronger than we were 3 months ago the last time we did Crossfit Total? That is all that matters today. Strength is a vital component of Crossfit Training. We will not shy away from lifting heavy at our gym. We are a fitness program and any program that promotes fitness without adding strength is missing the boat.
A strong body is a much healthier body in the long run. Just look at any runner, cyclist or triathlete who has neglected it and is over 45. I promise you catch-up is the only thing they are doing to try to regain their health.

Come and put on some muscle with us... I promise it is OK!
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tremorviolet2 said...

Yeah, I was right, that's totally Franco Columbu doing the deadlift.

BTW, here's the nutrition cert with Robb Wolf I was talking about. It's not on the front page any more so I was wondering if it's still happening. Austin Nut. Cert