Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Follow the Leaders

A boy grows up watching people around them. People who are doing things beyond ordinary grasps that boys attention. A boy will notice a man who has qualitys outway the seemingly normal and imagine himself also with the ability to mimic the accomplishments of that man.
Every young boy has a role model and will strive to be the mirror image of them. My first real person I can remember thinking of as a hero was this man in this video. I saw what he did and desired to be just like him. His team was my team and his accomplishments were my dreams.
Greatness is to be followed. I no longer aim to be great in the sport of football, but I do desire to reach greatness in other areas of my life. The things Joe Montana once did on the field still inspire me to do comparible things in my line of work.

All men can be Heroes, and only few will choose to be.

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