Friday, December 5, 2008

Move you body! That is what is was made for!

Functional Training.... Why do we need to do it?

Why the Hell do I care if you perform pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and squats or just walk and run everyday? Isn't it adequate to exercise doing the same thing everyday?

The short answer to this is no.

Our bodies are designed to move in a variety of different ways and have the ability to do allot more outside work than simply shuffling paper and step on the gas peddle.

The complexity to our development is essential to the importance of a true healthy and fit body. Fitness is an absolute component of being healthy over the long hall in general.

Some people think that exercise is all about looking good. Once they get to looking a certain way of maybe even achieving a certain goal (feel better, meet somebody, etc.) they stray away from these movements and workouts.
It is a much different mindset. These movements are functional when taught to perfection will enable the body to achieve levels of strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, agility that can be achieved in no other manner.
Watch a child when in as it grows. I cannot count the times I've seen Stone push himself away from the ground to move about the floor or Savannah and Jackson squat deep just to look at something on the ground.
Functional movements are a part of our DNA and should never be neglected. If they are for long enough your body will forget how to do them and become disabled for the avoidance. The 4 pillars of movement in, which I've learned from Juan Carlos Santana , promote a lifetime of moving well and living with ability. Having you body fall apart as you age is an avoidable occurrence. Training these movement patterns is something you owe to yourself and to all those around you who would rather not push you around in a wheel chair for not being able to walk in your future.

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