Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can I Thruster?

I am begining to gain some power coming out of a Deep squat. I have been verbalizing that My Left leg will be equal to my Right. This is happening as we speak. I believe that in a year and a half I will be there.

I am excited that I am improving. I am doing 240 lbs on a Max Thruster today. I max power cleaned 295 a couple weeks back. My max push Jerk is roughly 285. These numbers may seem good but rememer I weigh almost 240 and Ideally I will gain big improvement on them all. Doing this and gaining speed in my Med Con Workouts are my focus.

Power Baby! Increasing Power is how you get More Fit!

Hope you all are on that as well.

My .Com WOD

Warm Up
135 X 10
165 X 5
195 X 3

7 Sets of 1
245 miss
245 miss 2X

1 comment:

Mark, Technical Recruiter said...

good stuff, brother...with your height, it makes it so much harder to throw up that kind of weight...well done man