Monday, January 26, 2009

With you in mind!


Crossfit Central hosted a seminar this past weekend held specifically for the "I Am Crossfit Challenge" clients to teach them how to do fitness on their own. They had the opportunity to come in to our gym and learn an exstensive amount about movements they will be able to use to become more fit.
Our objective is teaching people what Fitness is. Our objective is empowering people to be fit.
We have 110 Clients doing this challenge. These people take the opportunity to do workouts that will enable them to reach a higher level of fitness. These people will do this on their own. These clients will be so well versed in understanding efficient training, that they will no longer need Crossfit Central to be fit.
Crossfit Central really wants Austin to be the fittest city in the country. Crossfit Central recognizes the major gap in why it is nowhere close to being that. We realize that until people know what fitness is, they can not be FIT by its truest meaning. Crossfit Central will not rest before people become educated to what fitness truely is and why it is so important to be fit. We strive to give a clear understanding to the term fitness so that improved levels of physicality can be reach by many more people.
We love our clients. We will continue to challenge them all to reach new levels of physical ability. We will encourage them to not settle for the idea that 2 workouts and a 2 mile run every week is all they need to do to be fit. We will continue to educate them in the fundamentals of good nourishment and movement patterns.
Crossfit is something special! We have the ability to share this with many people and are obligated to do so. We have been blessed to provide something so great to so many people. We are excited that so many people are now able to do Crossfit on their own and have enough knowledge to do it safely from the work that we've done. We hope to impact more as we continue to bring light to this amazing thing we have our hands on. To you we give ourselves in hope that it finds and impacts your life the way it has ours.

To everyone Joining us this Saturday morning for the Free community workout, please offer the chance for all of your friends and loved ones to join us. It may end up being one of the greatest things you've ever done for them!

Crossfit Central can't wait to see you all at Town Lake for a Historical UTB!
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Catherine Hart Rebholz said...

Thank You for your commitment to your communities health and life. You help empower so many people to be healthy in EVERY way and there is no greater thing you could do.