Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inspired by Ya'll


I have the opportunity everyday to witness amazing efforts from many individuals that are internally driven to be better. They are people who set a bar for themselves everytime they come into Crossfit Central workouts and say " I will go higher than that bar today. The bar is set slightly higher than they have ever gone before and still effort that doesn't get them above it is not quite good enough for their expectations for themselves.

I see this happen and I become insprired. You see, no matter how high a level I get with my own fitness, I still love to see the achievements made by all the clients who come into the programs. If you all were not continuously enhancing in your own abilities, then I myself may become content with my present state. Instead I look to you all for constant motivation. The heart you lay down on the line everyday forces me to say "OK, I know they got it, but what am I capable of?"

Catherine (who just had a Birthday and 1 year anniversary as a CF Central Client) has been one who's achievements have blown me away. I see hear workout and I see what she has done for herself and I go harder because I want to make the types of changes that she has.

What you guys do Inspires Me!

What you guys do Inspires other people around you!

What you guys do will change the Lives of many people who get to know you!

Thank you for the opportunity to witness what you have decided to do for yourselves!

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Catherine Hart Rebholz said...

Wow! Such kind words. I feel honored because you are one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. It's a beautiful thing that we can all lift each other up to new levels. I have been able to find new drive within me because of the inspiration all around me. Thank You!