Sunday, February 1, 2009

Barbells are my favorite


As of the Last 6 Months I've been writing up the workouts that all the Crossfit Classes will do before the new month starts. Carey writes up the womens only after she see what equipment we will be using so that all classes will be able to utilize all the equipment. I enjoy doing this because I love the idea of creating a diverse program for all the client who will attend 2, 3 or 5 days a week in the gym.

I do have one confession however, and that is I love to use the barbell. Each month I have trouble with the fact that I cannot use the barbells as much as I would sometimes like because the womens classes will need to get to use them too. There is just something about that amazing peice of equipment that I truely love. I do not believe there is a better tool in Fitness that can give you the benefit that working with a barbell will.

I think about the possibilities of what you can do with the barbell... Powerlifts, Overhead Lifts and Olympics lifts all require such disipline physical mechanics that it is amazing to see the difference in a person with great form do something that somebody of equal strength and size who does not have good form cannot do.

This tool should definately be something that you should find, learn how to use, and implement into your training program.

My new favorite spot for any of you seeking out some equipment is Play it Again Sport. They have really good products at very reasonable prices.
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Fit In Austin said...

Hmmm...the dumbbell can be used for snatch, clean, and many other power moves, it builds isolateral strength, along with many other "pros"...I'll take the dumbbells! ; )

Mchael Gregory said...

You should use both! It's ok, not everyone can be perfect !) Back atcha!