Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The things you focus on!

This Picture is a little silly. We were about 5 seconds into our plank and even though we had already completed a grueling workout that tasked the shoulders and core, this segment of the exercise was still fairly easy (hence the big cheesy grins.
Anybody that has ever done this exercise after a workout knows however that the smiles aren't going to last that long. To hold this position (High Push up) for a minute or longer induces some pain throughout the body that takes a mass amount of mental fortitude to fight through.
I know for a fact that no matter how long that you hold this for, whenever it is that you drop, is a choice that you make.
The idea is to take your mind off off of what your body is feeling and carry yourself toward the 1, 2 or 5 minute mark you set yourself up for right off the bat.
The Pain is acting as a distraction to deter you away from what it is you are aiming to achieve.
The question is will you let it?

In Life all types of different things will play that roll of Deterring you away from what you want most. It is easy to let the falsified visions take over and allow to become the things that keep you in the same position, but if you do not lose site of what it is that you are going for, and why the hell you really want it, then nothing can stop you. Every opportunity to conquer any temporary obstacle is worth the shot.
It is the small Bouts that lead you into the great Championship opportunities in Life.
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