Friday, February 13, 2009

Movin Weight

I talk a lot about extending your hips with the power moves. Many times in class the workout we do aren't asking you all to lift extremely heavy loads off the ground (Clean and Snatch) or drive the load over head. This allow allot of us to get away with movements that might be shy in range of motion. That allowance that your are able to get away with with lighter barbells, dumbbells, Medicine balls would be failed attempts 100% of the time in a 1 Rep Max attempt.

Coach Burgerner says, "When the arms bend, the power ends!"

Power in the sense of moving weight for our purposes is going to come from the Legs and the hips.

I know that getting away laziness and short range of motion is something you can get away with with those lighter tools, but the idea of training technique is so much more important in order to continue to improve your fitness than you may realize.

Tomorrow we are doing our "I Am Crossfit" workshop, and the barbell and body weight movements will be our primary emphasis. There is nothing that could be better for you all to leave this workshop than simply understanding importance of training range of motion with your exercise routine.

Above, Dutch and I having a little do-c-do with Olympic Clean and Jerk 1 rep Max. Dutch's practice in these skilled movement has made him a very Power and Graceful lifter. He was able to do Identical weight as me by using fantastic technique. My abilities are solid but I have not come near my potential in these movements since my practice with these lifts has mainly been through using brunt force and aggressiveness. With more practice of better technique, my one rep max should easily increase about 15%.

I have another new focus.
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