Friday, February 20, 2009

Become one of the Fittest people you know!

Our original slogan on our first Website and the first shirts we ever had printed was "Training the fittest people in Austin". I'm sure everyone in the fitness industry in this city who saw those shirts and new who we were thought to themselves "Who the hell is Crossfit Central?" We had maybe 20 something clients and our approach was with confidence in ourselves and what we were doing. We didn't have to but we change our slogan to "Building a Fit Community".

Our clients don't come to us as the fittest people in Austin. They come hear and train with us. They are hear for 3 months and doing things they never have. They are hear for 6 months and are in Damn good shape. They are hear for a year and they truly are they fittest people in Austin. Our clients can look around at people who surround them throughout their day and know that they have obtained the mental fortitude to do physical objectives beyond what others could imagine. They have mentally conquered any ideas that they could not do something because it was too hard. Our Clients look at all Physical task and say "All right... I got this!"

I have met many "Fitness Instructors" in Austin and seen many others in different gyms and I think to myself "Our clients are in better shape than these trainers."

Being Fit carries into other areas of your life. Awareness of yourself and elevation of your own potential comes from many different arenas. When I see someone who is striving for greater fitness, I know much more about their approach towards improvement in other areas. I also know that it will be more likely for them to excel greatly in those areas.

Developing A sense of Self Mastery truly must start with a foundation of your physical well being.

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