Monday, February 23, 2009

You either want it or you don't!


Change is constant and it should always be for the better. That takes focus and a desire to get beyond your current state.

The "I am Crossfit" was about change. It was about what could be possible in a short 8 weeks commitment of dialing in with better eating and additional workouts on off days.

Some clients have stepped up huge with this challenge. They have sent food logs weekly to their coach and responded well to feed back. They have swallowed there supplements because they felt like what the Hell is there to lose. They have pressed hard through a couple additional workouts on their own. Most importantly they have decided that they want to see a difference in themselves for the better.

Other clients from the challenge having been staying quite so true to their commitment. Not sending there food logs in or doing their extra workouts have been too darn hard for them. Excuses about traveling or being too busy at work have kept them from achieving things that they think they want for themselves. Simply not having good reason within themselves to stick to something that could lead them to a better place is the primary issue. The truth is there are people who come to our gym and have not signed up for this challenge have seen better results than some of these people.

All I know is that the help has been there the whole time. Anybody that wants improvement can have it.

I used to hear that only 10 percent of people can stick and stay on the right path without quitting.
Sometimes it's possible to stray off the path and get back on it.

I don't believe 90% of those doing this challenge have quit. I do believe some have. I do believe some are slightly off track and can get right back on it.

This weekend is the final of the "I am Crossfit" challenge. Only this weekend will determine how far you've come. This week is a chance for all of us to make our last jumps towards improvement.

Do you want it or not?
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