Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Drinking the Kool-aid

We had several clients now dive in full head of steam with Crossfit now. They come to work out with us at the gym, and they Crossfit on their own at a bigger Globo gym(not recommended) or at their own homes(smart move)!

I get asked constantly, "What else can I do on my own?" "What do I eat?" "What kind of workouts should I be doing?"

One Big Recommendation I can make for everybody who is doing their own thing is Pull ups! Get a Bar and do Pull ups. I see no reason why anybody that has been doing Crossfit for more than 3 months to not be doing any unassisted pull ups yet.

One of our big Dawgs(Who has got some recent love on Coach Cantu's blog and the Indoor Blog) has just started offering his service to build you guys your very own Pull up Bar. Atticus has built himself one will be doing one for me soon.

If you don't have Pull ups, Kipps, or Butterflys in your repertoire yet check out this site for your own good!

BackYard Fitness Site

Happy Crossfitting
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