Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We are your team!

Nobody works to their potential when they work alone. I know to many people that workout by themselves and sell themselves short every workout.

I know to many people who used to be in extremely good shape when they were apart of a team sport, and have since dropped the ball on when it came to challenging themselves physically.

I've know numerous people who have picked a workout parter that was less motivated than they were, and failed to stick it out for any extended amount of time.

I have heard over and over from our clients that have joined and seen success that they like working out with us because we are like a team. Not only us but the other students in the class create a sence of obligation and reason to show up. Everybody is excited for those who are aroud them to improve and push themselves harder. Everybody does things in our classes that are inspiring to me and to the others.

We are glad to be your support beam if you need us to. Just know that even if you aren't ready yet, you will soon be feeling the same roll for somebody else.
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