Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What are you willing to give up!

I have heard it said that when you truly want to accomplish something bad enough, you first have to give up other things in your life first.Posted by Picasa
Many people will struggle with this because they have already placed a level of importance to those things simply because they make them feel comfortable.
The deal is, when you are out to accomplish anything that is at all challenging, you must first get outside of your comfort zone. People are timid to do this and for that reason their ability to accomplish anything new will not exist.
People who do this live ina state of mediocrity.
There are 5 areas of all our lives that when are all specifically targeted for improvement will enhance us into a state of fulfilment that only our dreams can touch.
Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Fiscal and Emotional balance are all key priorities in my life when I consider setting higher bars for myself. I know if I am lagging on improving in any of those areas my life will fail to elevate any higher. I currently know I have major room for improvement in over half these areas and will seek out more guidance to help me get where I know I can be.
Our specialty is to help improve all those who seek out enhancement of their physical livelihood.
I wish I could say it was the only thing so that I can give myself tons of Credit, but the truth is that it is only one thing.
I will work hard for balance in my life while continuing to let go of things that are not helping me get there.
How do you approach not settling for mediocrity in your life?


Walter said...

I always want to be learning and then taking my new knowledge and figuring out unorthodox ways to apply it. I also want to be constantly assessing what is going on around me and how I might be a blessing in whatever situation I find myself in. I trust in God's sovereignty and that his grace is sufficient for me, so I don't want to waste cycles worrying about myself. At the same time, I want to equip myself to contend well with whatever comes my way. And you're definitely equipping me, Mike, for a full life, and freeing me to do whatever I want or need to do without having to worry about if I'm up for the task. So, there's not a lot of time left then for mediocrity, I think.

Mariah MacDonald said...
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Mariah MacDonald said...
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Mariah MacDonald said...

The Apple in the Garden of the Eden.

The One Ring in the Lord of the Rings.

The promise of power offered to Luke by Darth Vader in Star Wars.

It's a tale as old as time: a promise is made, a person accepts it out of weakness or desire for personal gain, and a sin is committed.

I think this is the starting-point of mediocrity: we have a thought - 'I must have it' - we act on it, and it brings predictable consequences, rather than the ones we might dream in the back of our minds about manifesting.

The difficulty, I think, comes from the fact that we don't always know how many times we've made an error in judgement that has led us down the wrong path - we just know we have wound up in the wrong place. If we don't see it in our past, how can we see it in our present? (This is like the client who texted me the other day that she was having a bad day and 'needed' sugary food. An erroneous conclusion, in fact - "I feel bad, so I need poison." But it's a thought process most of us have inside of us because of advertising and marketing we all grew up with).

Lusts are subtle and tricky, and taking a moral inventory of your life in the five areas you mentioned is crucial. I guess what I get out of your post is this: we all must take stock of our lives in all five areas, and we all need to do it with a mentor. How else can we see which of our beliefs serve us and which are manifesting vice in our life (e.g. choosing the wrong romantic partner over and over and yet still being attracted to & dating the same 'type' - a person might do it because they didn't have good parental role models growing up so their beliefs about the ideal partner are based on movies they watched, magazines they read - but how are they to know that?).

If you get with someone whose physical fitness you admire to talk about working out, they are going to tell you that you gotta go low on squats, and you gotta lift heavy - rather than the little hops in Zumba class you think are going to get you to your goals. You may not like what they have to say, but there it is.

Likewise, if you get with someone whose financial situation you admire and they tell you that they spend 5 hours a week on sales calls, you might have trouble stomaching it, but there it is.

Told to select a partner who goes against your natural inclinations is just plain unorthodox. But if a happy marriage is your goal, well then there it is.

Life is not a movie, and success is not an accident.

This post spoke to me: I am right now in the middle of a major moral inventory of my life that I am following with concomitant action. It's not esay. But I know short-term pain will be rewarded with long-term comfort. For too long my pain threshhold has been through the roof because I haven't wanted to tear the bandaid off some gaping wounds.

Influnces, habits, and beliefs that don't serve me - I'm swimming in them. I guess what I took from your post is I need to surround myself with mentors, shut up, listen, and act.