Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cool Crossfit Shirts

Making a statement is something we all love to do. Recognition comes in many ways and Crossfitters thrive on it.
Affiliates since day one have been coming up with some outrageous taglines for T-shirts. When you seen them you know that without question if is a CrossFit Shirt.

I am wondering if any of our clients at Central have shirt Ideas that people would be shocked or maybe even offended by.

Crossfit Addiction has come up with some of the most clever shirts I've seen so far. Check them out!

Send me your ideas!


Tristy said...

Crossfit Affliction or Crossfit Addiction?

James Jr. said...

Mike meant CrossFit Addiction, although CrossFit Affliction is a cool name too and they're located in FL.

Mchael Gregory said...

yep... sorry ya'll. I will change it

A dan said...

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