Friday, May 22, 2009

To expensive to eat right?

One comment I really hate... "It cost allot to eat good."

Nope! It is a bargain to eat right. Food has value beyond any dollar amount. If affording grass Fed meat and organic vegetables is not something you currently are able to do, I suggest a reevaluation of some of your priorities.

The truth is, you cannot afford to not eat right. Lack of lean meats, veggies vibrant in micro nutrients and healthy fats will undoubtedly result in long term health issues that cost allot more not only financially, but how much time are you willing to spend trying to make yourself better? I hope you are ready to say a ton of time.

So here is the deal... cancel your cable, don't bye that extra outfit you don't really need, eat out less, quit traveling so dang much, stop paying 2 dollars for coffee, quit drinking so much alcohol and smoking gross cigarettes. Figure out how the hell you can take care of yourself because after all, it does matter more than anything else that you do.

Eat Right, Live how you're supposed to.

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Melicious said...

AWESOME post. As that cutie Carla said in my blog one day: Excuses are boring.