Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why not us?

I have been watching videos showcasing the efforts put into the training of multi-million dollar a year athletes and I must say that there is some very intense stuff going on with them.

Of course the Job of say a football player or UFC Fighters obviously will rely on their ability to perform at a high level when they are paid to do it.

But should intensity be limited to those people and is there more to being stressed far beyond your comfort levels in a workout?

To me the answer is undoubtedly yes!

Your Fitness Level is going to be Identical to your health levels. I've been doing this Crossfit style of training for a long time and by far the people I know that do it to the fullest along with myself are much better off then people who don't in the realms of never becoming sick. Each day we expend a major amount of energy and an push ourselves physical harder than we ever have. All I know is that we are always feeling incredibly healthy.

Clients who do this 5 X a week with good eating habits are on the same boat.

Clients who come 3 X a week with ok eating habits fair much better than clients who come 2 or three X a week with poor eating habits. I know who is going to tell me they got sick and couldn't come to class. It the people who show up only once or twice a week and disregard our suggestions toward quality eating and supplementation.

Get up... Go hard and gain health! Sickness is no longer an option and if you deal with it then come to our nutrition meeting and take notes, show up to your classes and do some of your own workouts(off days) so your life can change.


TheWhit said...

Great post! 100% agree with you on it

Devon said...

I honestly don't remember the last time I was sick. And with the traveling, airplanes, hotels and hospitals I am in each week, that is quite an accomplishment! -- Devon

CrossFit Central Kids said...

Hey Mike,

I loved his comment about "fixing the week link." We know what that means for me...argghhhh...fix my running. Great post, keep up the good work.