Monday, August 17, 2009

The Ladies of Crossfit Central

I watch them workout throughout the day and I think, What the hell?

Our Female Staff stepped their game up Big Time over the last 6 to 8 months.
There intensity level is 2nd to none!
Sometimes they will workout, and then they will do another workout of a different type. Sometimes they will work on weekness they still need to address and then workout again.

Of course we want them to be the best so we are constantly challenging them to get better at things. Each of the Males of CFC has a unique ability to be better than everyone else at something and the Women will see that and chase it! They have not stopped striving to be able do everything equally as good as the males.

The reason I made this post was because I expected our females to show up at the CF Games this year, I did not however anticipate how much every one of them was going to shine.

So take this into consideration... Carey and Crystal (Friends, Co-Workers, Training Partners finish 3rd and 9th overall in the Competition which crowns The Fittest Indiviual in the World).
What was their diet like? Ask them and they will tell you exactly how much they ate, when they ate it and what it was.
How did they train? Ask them and you will find out What time it was, what workouts they did and what weeknesses they addressed.

They also took Jess and Jen under their wings and turned them into 2 indiviuals who could have competed well in the same competition.

Instead though, these ladies competed on the Team with me. I know they wanted to do well, but what happened was they carried the team to the 2nd place spot. These 2 had to do every workout and in each one set PR's and accomplished things that they have not trained to do.

These 4 woman overall have set a bar and raised it really high for all Crossfit Central female clients and trainers to march towards(or climb). They are inspiring in so many ways and it no wonder why CFC has the success that it does with woman thanks to their lead.

Ladies, I've been meaning to give you big props for a since the games ended! Sorry for taking so Long!


Jessica Sharratt said...

Thanks for the love Big Mike!! Happy to be a part of this amazing group of women and striving to make myself better every day.

Carey Kepler said...

thank you Mike for coaching me.