Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Workouts

I have coasted in my training!

Am I in the Best Shape of my life? Yes

However I have not givin my all in a long time. My discipline has fallen short so many times in the last year and I have allowed it to happen without taking action to change it.
My weekends usually end up with me relaxing when I know that this time could easily be spent working on areas I could improve on.
The last time I actually commited to training to my potential for anything was the 2008 Crossfit Games. This means I wasn't prepared for the regional qualifiers, the last chance qualifiers or this years games.

Right now and everyday for the last 2 weeks I have had a new found focus and desire to jump my game up a notch. Coasting will not cut it for me anymore. I am going to log my workouts for the first time ever and will no long anticipate that I will be able to excel without optimal effort.

I am allready a better runner and gaining ground on the Body weight movements that smaller/lighter guys tend to blow me away in. My stregth is also on the rise with heavier Barbell movements. I am comitted to hand eye cordination drills with the Kettlebells as well as getting with stretching therapist to get me inclined with flexibility.

I am physically feeling better than I ever have and ready to chase down the top Crossfitter across the globe.
I will catch them no matter how small the little rabbits are!

I am ready to embrace and showcase what Elite Fitness is really all about!

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Barbara said...

Ahhh sounds so relaxing right?

I can relate prior to joining CFC. I was going through all the motions but not making any progress and feeling stagnant.

Enter CF...sore pretty much 95% of the time and already seeing more strength in quads and pull-up attempts.

You guys are pretty damn inspiring!