Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where you been?

"I don't know but I'm here now" - Eminem

I used to be religious about my blog. I haven't blogged or even attempted to since the CrossFit Games. I expected to win and my team got 2nd(Out of 97). Funny thing is that we almost didn't even get registered to go! (They didn't know that until now)
I have have multiple things pop into my head over the last 4 weeks and said... "Dang, I am going to blog about this!" I just never did.

Everything is compiled up now in my head and I haven't known where to start up.

Suck it up Mike. Make a big deal about not knowing where to start... What to say... How to say it.

Just say something!

Here you go!

My life is changed so much. It always is and right now I love how much it has changed.
I want to thank my clients, my roommates, my friends and other people who I have relationships with. People will always influence me and I will always do my best for every one of them!

I am excited about life. I am anxious to make moves in my reality. I am pursuing the highest levels of my life's worth.

So read this blog! You will see a blog a day for the next one week(7days) guaranteed!

This isn't anything other than my life and people who matter to me! I hope you all enjoy it!

Big Mike

You already know I am all about this song...

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