Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stronger is Fitter


Cool Pic Huh?

I like it not only because of the synchronization of everybody who is lifting, but primarily because it shows everybody doing a strength based movement that most of them are very unfamilar with.

Usually when we lift(especially heavy) it is easy to not know what weight to use. This if perfectly fine for the first 3to maybe 6 months. If anybody has been coming to CrossFit for 6 months or more and still not certain to how much weight to use on say a Deadlift or a Clean then we have some lack of commitment to your strength gains.

There is an obvious conclusion after a workout that you finish which is supposed to task your body's strength or strength endurance but seemed fairly easy while your form stayed good, that you would then add weight(10 to 20lbs) for that movement next time. The only way to know this is by logging your workouts and taking notes on how the weights you used felt. After a few months you should be gaining a solid understanding of about how your body feels in strength based workouts and about how much you should use for your next workout.

I would also suggest to say that if your workout times are much faster than those who usually use a prescribed or heavier weight than yours, then it is probably time for you to go a bit heavier.

I know alot of clients continue to ask me how much weight I think they need to use. For the most part I am able to help guide them to the approximate weight they would need. Honestly though you all need to know this kind of thing as soon as possible. Walking into the gym with no clue is for beginners only.

Going heavier takes discipline. Logging workouts is a must. Setting small incremental benchmarks for strength is the only way you will develop more. If in fact gaining strength is not a priority for you, then neither is becoming more fit!
The 2 go Hand in Hand.

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georgia said...

Great post!

Thanks for the reminder to log those WODs and loads. It's embarrassing to not know what your max is when some asks! (I've learned this lesson more than once) :(