Monday, September 21, 2009

Once upon a time!

You sucked at everything.

I remember very specifically being 12 years old and trying to do a pushup in front of my 2 older brothers. I had a nice and round belly I developed by eating a whole lot of sugar. Little Debbie Snacks, and Sodas were a couple of specific food groups I consumed at least half a dozen of each a day. I couldn’t get my heavy butt off the ground.
I also remember my sophomore year in High School having 1 pullup as my best attempt for a max reps set! Before these things, I was the only kid in 2nd grade to fail 4 Times trying to run a mile in under 15 minutes. My mom had to come to school during that PE time of my day and run and encourage me to finish it.

I hated to work out! I sucked at it!
How the Hell did I make it a lifestyle? I figure to really be driven in anything you must at some point really have been bad at it.

9 Months ago I went to my first Crossfit Level 2 Cert under the new grading system. I was overly confident and didn’t pay any attention to the Details of what the Cert Criteria was about. I did not do one thing right and let that cert failing the damn thing.
I was so disappointed in myself. I had to come back to Austin to a team of excellent trainers whom I am supposed to be the leader of and I wasn’t even a Crossfit recognized Level 2 trainer.

Since that time 3 of our trainers took the same Cert and Passed. I knew that I was going have to retake the thing and crush it.
This weekend I did. I came to San Diego (Home of my Great Mom) for the retest. This time I took it much more personal and I was engaged on what I had to do to make the grade my CFHQ’s standards!
This time I am happy to say I came out on top and did very well!

I also did a workout that addressed more of my weaknesses. I am constantly improving and I will not settle for mediocrity.

Try this workout out. I would not have been able to finish it 12 months ago.
95 lb Snatch
Handstand Pushups

My Time: 16:12


Catherine Hart Rebholz said...

Congratulations! Way to focus on what you want and get it!

Jessica Sharratt said...

Awesome post Mike...and congratulations to you!

Web Smith said...

We saw it on the mainsite...

Congrats, homie!

JeffBlaylock said...

Congrats, Big Mike. We never doubted you for a second, setbacks be damned!

Aaron said...

Way to go Mike!

Trish said...

Congrats Mike! You rocked your L2! I can completely relate to your story. I'm glad we both had better outcomes this go round.

Alex Janss said...

Good post mike and great job, well deserved!

erikajeanne said...

Congrats Mike!!!