Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Favorite Drink

I am overly spoiling myself with this new addiction I have discovered. Coconut water has defiantly become a beverage I frequently grab a hold of and lately find myself driving a few miles to get one if I need to.
In Austin, hydration is key. Especially as a Crossfit Trainer moving around and working out will cause my body and mouth to dry up quickly.
This stuff is loaded with electrolytes naturally(especially potassium) and I notice an immediate difference in how I feel every time I use it. This is definitely the best tasting and most beneficial hydration beverage I have found so far.
So now all I have to figure out how to purchase this stuff without paying the full price tag. Obviously buying in bulk has be be the way to go but so far I am not noticing anything online that would show me a sufficient discount.
If you know of a better source let me know! If not I may be making a trip to Brazil to pic some up.


Barbara said...

I have to say that buying the young coconuts is sometimes cheaper and tastes better! You also get more drink/water for 1.99$ per coconut.

AT said...

A lady from CrossFit (can't remember her name) told me that Natural Grocery (think thats the name) had coconut water for $1.59-$1.79 depending on what flavor you want. Waaaaay cheaper than Whole Foods. I went & loaded up on Monday.

Mr.E said...

Hey Mike, I saw them at HEB and wheatsville for $1.50...also,you can subscribe to amazon for a monthly case shipment and each one is 11 oz.

Trish said...

Coconut wata is the shit! Awesome blog Mike. It was great meeting you this past weekend in SD. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay!