Friday, August 28, 2009

I Hate to get Personal!

But you Made it that way.

Crossfit is a Cult right?

Well apparently so is Central!

What do we Do?

Run with it Baby!

We met you and you don't like us? Oh yeah. We have heard what you have to say. No, not once or twice. Numerous times from numerous people. We know if you don't like us and we used to care...

The thing is, we wanted you to be successful. We hoped for it. We don't want any Crossfit
Affiliate to look bad. Especially in Texas! Well, you brought it on yourself.

"CC doesn't know what they are doing(Programming, Training, Business Model) ... CC is like a cult... They Charge way too much and they treat their clients poorly."

This makes you bad not us and to be honest loses you allot of potential clients.

Yeah, we have 580 clients as of today. Yeah we are still growing VERY, VERY, VERY FAST!

Quality Control? Our coaches believe in being and becoming the best We are Very tight!
We love every client we train(old and new)! We will continue to build our client base! We will always set the standard for everybody who trains and works here!

Everybody who visits, we will welcome and respect you!

Everybody who meets us and talks negatively about us... Don't expect us to feel bad for our self. We believe in what we are doing. We know we are doing great things with and for great people.

is the best Flattery. So copy us all you want, but don't hate us if you can't replicate what we do!

So please, if you want to talk bad about us, give us a call and let us know personally! Stop you jaw in motion when we aren't there because the people you talk to will definitely get the word back to us about what you are saying.

We Love Crossfit... Greg Glassman is a Man we Love and Respect. We take our Jobs seriously
and personal. We will strive for excellence and do what we can to help everybody we can!


Web Smith said...

Beautiful, Mike. Beautiful. See you this weekend, i'm thinking...

Barbara said...

Awesome post! Since my first day at CFC, you guys have been nothing but helpful,friendly and no nonsense!

Lion Heart said...


AT said...

WOW! Nuff Said! Great Post. Anything else you want to get off your chest??

AT said...

WOW! Nuff Said! Great Post. Anything else you want to get off your chest??

tuck said...

WOW Mike! Get some! Go Again!