Monday, October 12, 2009

The Bear

This workout is on of my Favorites. It offers up an unexepected Challenge to any one who has never come across it before. I've only done this one other time personally.
One thing I can say is that it's a Gasser!
I did manage to outdo myself this time around. The video present be on my second set of the workout.
Notice that I regrip once and take my time at points. The idea is to get through a series of 7 "Bear complexes" with any given weight without letting the weight rest on the ground.

1 Bear Complex is =
Squat Clean
Overhead Press
Overhead Press
to Ground

7 of these equal 1 round and the workout calls for 5 Rounds.
My Scores
Round 1 - 105lbs
Round 2 - 115lbs
Round 3 - 125 lbs
Round 4 - 135 lbs
Round 5 - 140 lbs

I think I can do better.

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