Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Here are 2 of the Men responsible for bringing the Paleo Diet into the lives of myself and many other Crossfitters. If not for Robb Wolf I would probably still be eating Bread and Cheese everyday. I would have never been aware of how much I was intolerant to them both. Now when I eat bread I have major allergies for a few days and both of these items will congest my digestive track for half a week. I can't even describe the differences I've seen with my Asthma(live long issue) that I've experienced since changing over to this style of eating.

My nutrition, which I believed to be good before has changed for the best because of the work of both Dr. Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf. I am now in the best health and as fit as I could have ever imagined. The gentleman to my right in this picture(John Welbourn) is now working together with the 2 on a new company called Paleo Brands.

After attending their seminar, I am inspired even more by their work. They are providing an opportunity for all people to understand the benefits of the Paleo Diet and getting a hold of prepared quality food much easier than ever before.
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Lion Heart said...

not too many people can make you look small Big Mike, but Welbourne is one of them