Thursday, November 5, 2009

My LandLord

I moved into Kinky Friedman's Home about 2 months ago. He isn't
really my landlord, rather I am serving as sort of a house carer
for him. He actually spends his time living at his ranch somewhere
in Kerville. I have gotten to know him a little bit and without question he is one
of the most expressive and opinionated people I have ever come across.
He has shared with me multiple times now some idea's or concerns towards
me living here.

All I can do is sit back and listen to what he says. I have gained quite a bit
of insight from his words.

I know one thing that it has opened my eyes to is that it takes constant
focus to stay in control in all areas of life. I personally can get caught
up working or thinking about work so much that I don't stay totally on point
with other things that I either need to take care of or would like to do more

He also has me thinking about people around me that I can personally be more
open and honest when they may in need of my opinion before they ask. This goes towards clients, coworkers and my closer relationships.

I mean to start being more expressive when times call for it. To others this may
seem a little out of character for me, but definately something I believe i need
to do more of.

Kinky is a smart individual! I encourage everybody to pay attention to his voice
during Texas Primaries for Governer.


georgia said...

I used to be pretty guarded, too. There's a whole new, beautiful world out there once you start speaking the truth from your heart and mind. It's scary to be vulnerable but there's also a freedom that comes from it. I think you'll be surprised how the deptth & quality of your relationships (an life) skyrockets.

Lion Heart said...

good stuff Mike!