Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fighting Back

2 weeks ago I got a FaceBook group invite from Antwan(pic'ed center)for a No shave November. I didn't really take the second to look at it to see what it was about. I didn't even accept the invite right then and there. I did however say in my head I will start doing it and ask him more about details when I would see him next. Before I ever did I got an email from Sam(pic'ed left) describing A friend/coworker of his who had been in a bout with testicular cancer since February. I was reading this email on my phone and putting 2 and 2 together from Antwan's invitation.

I've only known both of these guys as friends themselves whom also work together. These fella's started working out with us about 3 months ago and have been showing a total sence of fire breathing efforts with every workout we throw their way. It turned out that 3 more of their coworkers also train with us at Crossfit Central. Every one of them has proven ability to work hard and they have been fun to watch!

Back to the email Sam sent... Robert Feuille is the man whom they are all out to show support for as he fights his way through a roller coaster of health and emotions with bad and good and bad news. He will be going through his 3rd Chemotherapy treatment in the coming month. New's has not been good but somehow Robert has done an amazing job handling his own misfortune and shown all his loved ones unreal strength and staying positive as he goes forward through the process.

Sam asked us to be involved in anyway we could. Before I could reply, Travis(pic'ed right) called upon us in a staff meeting to do something big for Robert! Well, I am here to say that we will!

It is great to know that when we go through adversity, you're friends and good people like these 3 in this pic will be there to support you. To you 3 I would like to say much respect and thank you for having the hearts that you do!

I personally do not know Robert, but base on what I know of Sam and Antwan I am betting that his ability give 110 percent is something he always does. I watched a video of him speaking of his current situation and can tell he is not willing to roll over and quit giving his all. I know that he is a great man and stands as good a chance to fight this thing off to a full recovery.

To everybody involved with Crossfit Central, we will be hosting a fundraiser workout that will represent Robert's experience with his cancer. We do not have a definate date, but when it is set, I would very much appreciate and expect you all to get involved with our efforts to drive support Robert's direction.

I will give you a small hint to what the workout will entail.

Pull-up are his favorite excercise! We will be aiming have everyone participate battle through a painful experience mentally a physically! not just once but 3 times over. Just when we think we are feeling better we will be challenged again and again!

I am


rob said...

Sam and Antoine are some of the best friends a guy could ask for. Without guys like 'em on my side through this whole thing, I don't know where I'd be.

Mchael Gregory said...

you definately are not alone here man!
As if you are already cured and back home with your family! Believe in that!

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AT said...

Awesome! Just awesome!

Barbara said...

Should you guys need any volunteers or help, I'd be down.