Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Legend in his own Time

I wanted to give my take on the Jay Z concert. Before going to the concert I was tired and thinking about my bed time. The day had started early and the next day was starting earlier. I was tired and even wondering if I could make it till concert time without falling into my bed for the night.

This could have been the hugest mistake I may have ever made! Had I let that happen, I would have missed out on the best concert performances I ever been to, but would have not gotten to experience witnessing somebody who has become one of the most influencial people of our time.

Jay Z is a rapper. More than that though he is a mentor to young people whom desire more to chase it down. He lyrically inspires, motivates and teaches while using music to engage your attention.

There is a reason Jay Z has 11 - #1 albums (most all time by any musician).

He has continued to deliver by evolving in his career and deliver messages that we all are in need to hear.

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