Saturday, November 28, 2009

Training Today!

Last week I decided to take a break from all workouts that weren't focused on regaining balance between my left and right sides of my body. This is going to be very new territory for me because since I broke my leg when I was 15 my leg has been and remains to be significantly smaller and and weeker than my right leg.
This fact has not only limited in many ways my Crossfit performances, but has also led to a whole mess of lower back and hip issues throughout the years.

I don't know if I am going to be able to fully correct the problems in my body, but I do know that I will regain much of the balance I am currently missing.

Right now my regime will focus primarily on Left Leg (isolation lifting), more running(need help here!) and a whole lot of upper body - body weight excersises(always needing more improvement).

I am also in consideration of a coach who can help me with my physical goals who can help me get to a level of performance I have never been so that I can comfortably say I couldn't be any more prepared for the CF Games sectionals in early 2010. If anybody thinks they are capable of training a stuborn coach who has done his own thing for the last 12 years, let me know.

Today I believe 30 muscle ups are in order!


plieb said...

Mike this is jacob the drop-in guy. i have a great book called functional training for sport that has a huge section on single-leg strength training. its a great book and i highly recommend it.

plieb said...
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Davianne said...

I know you might not like it, but yoga helps. I have mild scoliosis which makes one hip higher than the other and yoga has helped with my balance and making my left leg stronger, my right leg is more dominant. Just a thought......
Of course Crossfit is helping as well:)