Thursday, January 14, 2010

Before he was the Champ

3 oz Chicken, 3 Eggs, Sautead Brocolli and Mushrooms

Ali was a master of belief. He achieved his Heavy Weight belt and Title of Greatest of all Time way before it ever really happened. He created a blueprint for success and every thing he ever did was rehearsed over and over in his own head before it happened.
During the hours and hours of training he would repeat and visualize every move he would make in the fight. He would say aloud every punch his opponent would through and every encounter he would have against the ropes or in the corner. He would predict the rounds his knockouts would occur.
Ali believed every thought of his possible future and manifested it along the way.
He was the champion of champions of Boxing's past.

Crossfit is a sport which has been set up competitively with unknown task and challenges. Many ideas of what it takes to be a better Crossfitter have been expressed via the community. As a training program Crossfitters have broken away from the original idea of Constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity is now not enough to become a top Crossfit competitor.

All of a sudden, with the help of some of our strength biast affiliates and specialist in weightlifting, we now have periodization making its way into the the masses.
As much as I believe you do need a to have great strength to be a great Crossfitter, I do not believe that a program like Starting Strength or Catalyst is going to make perform better in MetCon workouts. Crossfit is a program that should encompass all methods of training year round. Improving Strength, endurance, speed and stamina should always be targets for your programing. Not seperated at different times of the year.

If there is one thing I know about the winner (and top 5 Competitors) of the Crossfit games in the last 3 years, it is that they got there by having a fearless attitude and a Mindset of Getting the work done. Run that hill... Done! Pick that weight up/ squat it then push it overhead... Done! Get you chin over that bar, drop your chest to the ground and pop back up, A to B - B to A - A to C - C to D - or whatever it is... Done!

What else? I'm gonna get it done and do will be faster than you can! I am better than you and I will prove it!

Perfect Technique is not the deciding factor! If you want to be a better Crossfitter, flip the switch inside your head and be one! I haven't seen anybody achieve massive success without having a killer instinct. Results are achieved only through relentless work put forward. Seeing what will be way before it ever happens is the Only way to go!

Crossfit Games Champion Mikko Salo "Dreamed" of winning the Crossfit Games before it happened.

I believe that Dream was more like a constant vision in his head every single day he trained. He maybe even said aloud the names of other top competitors that he would pass by in moments of his workouts.

What we believe is our reality. We can not forget that!

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