Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Class!


The .com Class at Central is not one that needs much motivation from me. As A coach I know that they are going to show up with discipline to get the job done. Seeing what they are capable is enough to keep the focused! They are Firebreathers in the simplist defination of the Word.
Crossfit Central has gotten alot of recognition for being amazing athletes and creating "monsters"!
Everyone wants to know how we got so fit and what kind of programming we are doing.
I really only have one answer... Workouts! We will go heavier loads on
some workouts when it seems necessary or feels right
but the reality is that our coaches and clients just show up, warm up, roll out, line up, and 3...2...1...Go!
The person across the gym and and person right next to us is gonna have a hard time catching up! There is
not 1 person who always has the fastest time. But the person who never has it is denfinately chasing it.

Everyone thinks they will set the mark for the day and eventually everbody does!

"I got this one!" - That is the attitude that make Central athletes who we are. - "I got this one!"

Check out some pics from todays .Com Class
5 Rounds for Time
500m Row
7 135 lb Thrusters

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Walter said...

I'm still waiting for the 5 rounds of butt-kicks/rotations workout. That day, I will reign on the .com class board.

Lion Heart said...

like the video Biggin'!