Friday, January 29, 2010

Why use it?

I was thinking earlier about why I use my supplements. These products serve a Powerful purpose in every aspect of my life. It all starts out of bed. A morning gone by without a Spark, 3 Catalyst, a Thermoplus, and a probiotic restore at 4:45 am just doesn't quite match up to the days when I do.
The difference in the way I feel is unbelievable.

I use Advocare's Performance Elite procucts to make my body operate at a higher level during my Workouts. A few of their products I have just reintroduced into my training that I haven't takin since High School. I am already noticing another shift in how I feel from the standpoint of recovery.

In my mind, I eat as clean and healthy as anybody. My schedule every day revolves around what I eat and when I eat it! This leads me to ask, "If I eat so well... why is it that the Supplements I use make me feel even better?"
The Reality is for me is that the stuff works! So I will keep using it.
I believe that there is no Limit to good nutrition.
Advocare Products are among the best in the industry and without question will benefit the health, performance and
energy of anybody who takes them.

I would like to make a list of all the endorsers I know that use these products Daily.
Drew Brees (NO Saints QB)
Jeremy Thiel
Carey Kepler
Crystal McReynolds
Webster Smith
Lance Cantu
Lindsey Smith
Coach Mike Burgener
Casey Burgener
Lisa Thiel
Zachary Thiel
Jen Cardella
Megan Parsons
Jessica S
Mike Winchester
John Del Peral
Heather Hodges

These Products have impacted our lives greatly and I encourage everyone who is skeptical of Supplements to give
Advocare a try.

Check out my Member Page to find out how to get these Awesome products for yourself.

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Megan Parsons said...

Don't forget about Showout Meg on the Endorser list =)