Friday, February 12, 2010

The Finance Guy

Few people are willing to make a lifestyle based upon mastering all aspects of their lives. Out of everybody I have met in Austin (which I've met many great people) John Henry stands out with some very particular idea's when it comes to living to the Fullest!
He takes every single day in as a new opportunity! He has so much wisdom to offer, but also is completely humble enough to know that he has much to learn. It is very rare(if ever) for this man to waste a moment of his time doing anything that has no value.

I met him at StarBuck's and I knew he was somebody that had certainty about who he was and where he is going! With my headphone's on I couldn't hear a word of what he was saying to the young man he was meeting with that day, but I could tell that everything he was saying mattered on a deep level. My focus would go from what I was working on to wondering what he was saying. This guy just had a presence and I wanted to meet him.

I knew I was going to take the opportunity to introduce myself to him! He was generous enough to acknowledge me and ask me a couple questions without disrespecting his current conversion too much before he handed me his card. One thing he said that I remember was "He needed a coach! Make sure you give me a call!"

2 years ago, he started his first training session. We worked on the basics that day and I found out much of his weaknesses. Most of them were do to past injury's(ankle, back, shoulder) that limited his squat, lunge and press range of motion. We worked through much of this stuff and has since reached a level of fitness that he hadn't been for 20 years.
Imagine a 62 year old in the best shape he has been in since his competitive cycling days in his 30's. Weather we train in the gym or on the street outside his house, he could care less. He has a Cotton Dry - Get it Done Mentality!

This is where we are today!
The picture here was taken earlier this week! John Henry just finished crushing a Crossfit Workout outside his home in West Austin. He can squat near perfectly and is able to do most anything a Crossfit Workout could call for. He starts his warm up without me every time. His state of mind prior to every workout is unbelievable. Psychologically he literally is about to take on the most important objective of the year. If he is working out on Friday his preparation starts on Wednesday.

The way JH goes about things is Above and Beyond! He does this for everything! This guy is a go getter! I enjoy training him as much as anybody I have ever trained.

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georgia said...

Tell me that he's going to compete in the Masters! (you know, once he hits the age requirement)

Lion Heart said...

john henry is a special cat...your lucky to have him in your life Mike!