Friday, February 5, 2010

A Man with Success that Matters!


When I first met Robert I would not have been able to tell you that he was in the beginning phases of long term health
issues. It appeared to me that he was someone who was living a healthly active lifestyle.

Without asking him anything, the first thing I said to him was that he was going to have to burn
his shirt. Although the shirt was Burnt Orange(which I don't love), the reason for my comment was
to make it clear to him that he was stepping into new territory! His shirt had the name and logo of
a prestigious gym here in town. This gyms popularity is only based upon the high priced machines and
super nice(yet useless) equipment that supplies them. If this gym could have recognized
Robert as a member without digging deep into there computer systems to figure it out, I probably
wouldn't have been so blunt. I am not sure if he actually burned the shirt, but I know I haven't
seen it again in the last 5 months.

Now this is what I know... This Man has shown up consistently 2X a week since he began, and has raised that to 3X in the last month. For years prior to this happening Robert has been living with poor HDL and
LDL cholesterol levels. He also experienced high levels of Triglicerydes. At the rate he was going
these negatives would have only gotten worse!

If you aren't certain what that means... it is that he has taken himself from moving further towards
heart disease and reversed it! There is a clear connection between poor cholesterol levels and elevated

When Robert sent me the email of this information all I could think to say was

"Boo Yaaaah!"
I am psyched up for this guy and I hope to hear many more testimonies of the Sort!

So again... Congrats Robert! Let's keep tearin it up!
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Lion Heart said...

Good Stuff!

georgia said...

Totally inspiring! Way to go, Robert!

James said...

That's awesome!!

Barbara said...

If I were his dr., I'd want to know what he was doing to get these results AND prescribe it to others. He really took it the next level!