Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Favorite Foods

Simplicity is what I tell my clients when it comes to food.  
My deal is this...
I love Food and the Paleo Diet has become the best resource I have ever come
across. Take me back to my childhood my most vivid memories involve me and Food!
You see... I cannot remember a time after starting kindergarten when I didn't
have to start feeding myself after school. My mom worked daily until about 6 pm
and I would walk home and have to figure it out.
Eggs were always a favorite of mine and back then I would just scramble eggs in a
bowl, stick them in the microwave and cook! - I know... Gross Right! =p I loved it!

Since that time, I got a little more creative. I Remember once I was tall enough to
see over the stove, I got very acquainted with a skillet! I was the house chef as
far as my 2 older brothers were concerned! If I saw something done once then I could
make it happen! In my elementary years my favorite dish was Chorizo and Eggs!

I am not sure exactly what year it was but I remember a day sometime in Jr High when
all things changed for me. I was at home digging through the Refrigerator and didn't
know what to eat. I ended up finding some diced up steak that was frozen. I
grab a couple other things that I can't remember and finally a few of my staples(Eggs)!
I used these ingredients to create dish that didn't quite compare to anything I had
done before that day. I just remember it being the Bomb! To this day that is basically
my idea of healthy food in a fast manner.

Simplicity... Cook various meat with various vegetables in healthy oil. Add Delicious Seasons
and you are set to grub! Add eggs for amazingness!

Yesterday morning I didn't eat my normal 5 am breakfast because after dinner on Tuesday evening
I got carried away and put down about 10 oz of almond butter(This happens to me sometimes because
I still have my fat kid tendancies). Those calories held me through the 3 Wednesday AM classes
and my workout at 8 in the morning.

I went home and down my Post Workout shake:
Ingredients (Post WO Recovery, Muscle Gain, Blueberries and Coconut Water) This was amazing!

An hour later I grubbed. Just like my childhood:
3 oz of Bacon
1/3 Sweet Potato Cooked in Bacon Grease and Coconut Oil
3 Eggs

Is this healthy? I feel great! So by my estimation it must be
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Crystal Nelson said...

Sounds delicious to me! I was like you... nobody cooked for me I learned how to cook for myself as a kid. However, I chose pasta :( Guess I didn't have the "primal" instinct at age 10!

James said...

That looks like a skillet full of awesome to me, Mike! I have to try that soon.

georgia said...

Yep! That's how my Dad taught me to cook...look in the fridge, keep it simple, but be creative!

Awesome post! (Especially the 'fessing up about the almond butter) ;)

plieb said...

wow you even eat the shells!

lisabenderthiel said...

ha - I use to microwave eggs too! Wow, how far we've come :)