Sunday, March 28, 2010

Competition Brings out the Best

2 Weeks ago I competed in a Crossfit competition for the first time since last years Crossfit Games. At the CSTS this year, I came out to give my best efforts for 3 unknown workouts. One month out of this competition I wasn't even sure If i was physically going to be ready to undergo the physical task required during this weekend.

With my history of knee, hip and lower back limitations (pre-Crossfit), I had several experiences during my personal workouts at the gym that appeared to be signs for me to withdraw myself from attempting to compete. Some of my workouts I would even have to stop for several minutes to stretch or Trigger Point mid-workout that would eliminate my intensity all together.

Given the circumstances, My physchology simply was mostly reflective of somebody who just could not be competitive in the sport of Fitness any longer.

My friends and clients continued to suggest and support the idea of me going into this competition and doing well. My stubborn competitive spirit said the same thing.

I did everything I could during the 2 weeks prior to make sure I would be prepared to participate and be ready for whatever would come my way. I changed my state of thinking entirely from highly doubtful to full belief that people would have to be lucky to beat me.

The ultimate result ended up being that my body held up better than I could have hoped for. My competitive spirit kicked and I was able to string together 3 of my best workout efforts of the year. I couldn't be more please with my 7th Place finish!

Hell's Half Acre Regional is the next qualifier coming up in the last week of May. This will be the most dense competition I've probably every competed in and I promise that my body and mind will be ready to go more than ever!

Crossfit is the sport I love and am committed to show up with nothing but my best to give. To all those I will compete with, I will prepare with respect to make sure that if you beat me it will be only because you deserve it!


georgia said...

That full belief in yourself lead you to give THE performance of the competition during WOD 1. Stuff of legends! :)

joeyTWOwheels said...

Nice work, Mike!

Lory said...

I love these posts about how it is just as important to be mentally strong as physically strong. Good stuff, can't wait to see the videos that come out from Regionals!