Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Way to Go Team 3!

If you've been in Austin for the last 5 months or so you know that we have been getting some major amounts of Rain often! As much as I am grateful for the end of the drought, I still must admit that not every one of these dark cloudy days was incredibly fun to deal with! Some days where cold and wet which as far as I'm concerned has to be what hell really must be like because it makes me plain miserable! However, right as Winter was really starting to hit us I remember opening the garage doors at 5:30 am and telling the class that this year we were going to embrace the Cold!

I am proud for all of our clients who showed up consistently and battled through the elements to continue getting results during the most challenging time of the year to do so here in TX!

On a Further note, let me talk about the commitment of the 100 individuals (4 Teams) that took on the "I Am Crossfit Challenge." These guys were relentless!

Day 1 - About 30 Degrees out side with Pull up Bar and Barbell Temps to match that!
3 Rounds
Cold Ass Windy 400m Run
15 Ice Bar Pull ups
7 Near Handless Barbell hang cleans

8 Weeks of Perseverance!
Show up to Class 3 Days a week
2 additional workouts on there own
1 Endurance day!

Results - 400+ lbs gone!

I remember Driving one Saturday morning in some Crazy rain to go to my team 3 Workout.
I called Jen and she said she was on her way.
I got text saying are we still on?

Of course we are still on I said! Why wouldn't we be?

In my mind though I wondered... Will anybody show? I mean I couldn't blame them if they said forget it! Well, I guess we will see! This rain is just Ridiculous!

What happened? Commitment!
Show up to the unknown and expect the worse! embrace it! Win The challenge! Get better today! Why Not!

Runs up Wilke with Weight 5X? Run in backwards 3X? OK! Here we go!

We Win!

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