Monday, April 12, 2010

Doing it for You!

Intensity - This is the one thing that the Crossfit program delivers more than any other! The most we are able to do in the shortest amount of time possible is exactly what we want to achieve during our Workouts. We do this because of the amazing results that this prescription delivers.

This is a quote I heard this weekend from one of our Clients.
"This gym is the Most intimidating gym to join, but the least intimidating to work out at!"
He was talking to me about his wife who joined several months after he did. She assumed this place a torture chamber and was very hesitant, but trusted him enough to go ahead and do it. His response to me when I questioned about her thoughts was simply stated, "She Loves It!"

From the outside looking in, this place is chaotic. These people are nuts and are doing something that they could very seriously get hurt doing. From the insider perspective, our newest and less able clients love being taught many things they have never done. They are all kept comfortable by staying with the most basic levels of learning technical movements that are grounded with the idea that...
You do it right before you do it faster and that you do it right before you do it with extra weight.

Think about school. You could not advance to the next grade until you learn enough to get you there. Our gym is like an academy. Even though we don't give out certificates or titles to our athletes to tell them they've advanced, they themselves know that they will not get to the next level without first gaining the education and the practice to become better at more skills.

This program is a challenge. You can always achieve more by gaining more experience and more knowledge. Our athletes become freakishly capable of mastering physically demamding objective in many different realms. They are only supported though from great coaching to get to that level.

When you walk into our doors, the learning begins and your path towards becoming better starts all over again! This happens every single time!


Anniebug, bugger or BUG. said...

Great post Mike!

Mchael Gregory said...

Was really poorly written Annie. I made some changes so I hope it reads better.

TO Everyone... I know I am a poor speller and often sketchy writer.

georgia said...

Your fingers just can't fly fast enough over the keys to keep up with your killer/intense passion for Crossfit & your clients. The keyboard should be apologizing to you! :)

Awesome post and totally spot on. Keep 'em coming!

Emily Jane Baker said...

Love this!

Catherine Hart Rebholz said...

Hit the nail on the head! Crossfit Central is not a place for stand-still fitness maintenance. It's about GROWTH everytime you show up. Thanks for helping us grow!

Myriam said...

SO true BM. Love your post. Nicely done! :)

Christina said...

This is great! I can't tell you how many times I've heard that Crossfit is too intimidating or intense...from people who haven't even given it a real shot. Of course it's not easy to push yourself to the max--that's why it's called a "work" out. Change doesn't come easy, but it's so worth the results!