Monday, April 12, 2010

Been Cookin Again


Actually, I never stopped. I did however roll up on some new seasoning while I was Shopping at Whole Foods this weekend. One of my pet peaves is when I forget to add seasoning to my meat and veggies(very rare). I figure If I am going to eat all these healthy foods, why not make them taste as good as possible.

Usually I make my own with
1/2 Salt
1/2 Pepper
1/4 Garlic Salt
1/16 Chile Powder
1/12 Creole
All mixed in one Shaker

I will say that I went out on a limb to buy some new stuff.

The Outcome however was "Off the Chain!"
These 2 different flavors in my tastebuds are definately for the best!
I will definately be visiting Angelo's Great Texas Bar-b-q next time I
head to Ft. Worth!

Last nights grilled
Chicken & Bacon
and Ribeye

And this mornings
Eggs and Purple Kale

Were in every way I could imagine Enhanced!

Also pick up some Napa Valley Olive oil that to say the least is "The Bomb!"
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Jessica E said...

About to head to Whole Foods. I will pick some up!