Thursday, May 13, 2010 and Tasty F'in Meals

Yesterday I filmed what will be the premier episode of Big Mike's Tasty F'in Meals
for . This show's primary purpose is
to remove the idea that people do not have time to cook for themselves for one, and
to wipe away the lie that it is "Too Hard" to eat healthy and delicious at the same
time. This show will be exclusive to the SicFit Website!
The show will be highlighted early next week so be sure to check it out.

Webster Smith, Elliot Schrock, and Nicole Hughes have done an amazing job so far
with this new site! Their desire to highlight The Sport of Fitness, Underground
Strentgh Training, Parkour and other lesser known, unorthadox styles of training
which demonstrate the unlimited potential of human performance has been remarkably
portrayed by the website. This is a site that all athletes can respect because
when they use it, they will be better informed by the plethora of videos and all the
linked websites that these 3 individuals have worked so many hours for to bring to
our attention. Many props to all of them for thier work!
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Jessica said...

Yay, medlies and scrambles galore! So excited to see what you boys have been cookin' up over at SICFIT.