Thursday, September 16, 2010

A baby can do it!

My boy Travis Made a Dead Lift post on his blog that is awesome. Here is mine!

If you read his you will understand the Dead Lift better and improve on the amount of weight you can lift off the ground. What I want you to consider is the nature of this exercise. It is imbedded in you DNA! If you see this picture you will see perfect form in picking up a heavy load from the ground. Nobody told this baby to go and do what he did. He just did it. Do you think anybody said to Cash(a family member of the Thiel's) get you butt back and sit in your heals; flatten your back and keep your chest up?

No! He isn't even old enough to understand that lingo.

Many grown ups don't even have the ability to get their body in this position. All this means is that once upon a time... that ability was eliminated from your natural functionality. Consider that our body can become crippled simply by years of not doing this movement. Not only the Dead lift, but if you really watch a baby move you will see perfect squats as well.

I have to teach people everyday something that they should all ready know how to do. Because of our lives spent at desk, in cars and doing every other lack of natural human movement daily activity we have lost our way.

Relearning how to do this stuff can only be described as one thing... Rehabilitation.


Anniebug, bugger or BUG. said...

Cash is sooo friggin cute!!

plieb said...

I gave Kris a great pic of Stone doing a snatch grip keg lift with perfect form.

KTAnderson said...

that boy is a natural!! :)