Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An insprired Event

Last Friday I took part in the Zilker Relays on Friday evening. This event was small, short and Awesome.

My first run since pre-Crossfit Games Regional Qualifier (4 months) was a good
one. The event was a 4 Leg - 10 miler. I ran the last leg for our team "Show-Flash"
and was by far the slowest leg.

Most everyone knows me as a Run-hater but I have to admit, this one was a good one!
I plan to do more of these 2 to 3 mile bouts in the future.

Today Bella, Dre and I did Some trail running and sprints at Shoal Creek. I mean,
why wouldn't I take more advantage of our amazing city's short run routes. I am
finding more and more enjoyment from them for sure.

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