Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quite an Honor

Friday I got to the gym and was excited about starting the day. As I was finishing up my breakfast, Cheray from the womans only class came in an told Mike W and I congrats for the "thing in the Chronicle." We didn't know what she was talking about and I immediatiately thought that there must have been an Article about Crossfit Central in there or something like that. She told us to check it out so we looked online and saw that we (Mike W and I) had recieved the Best Non-Fat M&M award.

I thought it was funny and kinda cool at the time. I didn't actually tie much meaning to it. Throughout the rest of the day I thought of it as a sorta joke(I know nothing of the significance Chronicle- Best of Austin Awards). After telling others about it, it has been brought to my attention that it is a bigger deal than I realized. Apparently a lot more thought goes into this issue and they really are seeking out people and places around the amazing city of Austin to recognize!

5 years ago, I used to egotistically tell everyone that I wanted to be the Best Trainer/Coach in Austin. I thought that I deserved to be rewarded for the amount of hard work I felt like I did. I has since realized that I didn't need that recognition because it was for the wrong reason. I have continued however to do my work in order to make sure I am the most available to my clients (email, phone calls, text, and meetings). I love my job and I am passionate about making sure my clients have every opportunity to enjoy their experience from Crossfit Central.

This award has been making me smile all weekend. I was not expecting anything like being voted "Best of Austin" to occur at this point in time. I am guessing that that is why it did.

I very much want to make a point to pay respect to every client at Crossfit Central for to sole fact that you are so willing to get to the gym and WORK as hard as you do so often through out the week. You are this company's reason to do what we do.

I also want to let my team know how Amazing they are and how privelaged I am to have them sharing their expertiese along with me to help make the impact we have been able to make so far. I really believe this type of reward is reflective of all of our efforts.

Michael W... How Crazy is this thing! A moment we will never forget!


Anniebug, bugger or BUG. said...

Getting "Best Of" is a huge deal...aside from the Chronicle serving as this city's bible, Best Of shows off the great businesses and people doing awesome things! Congrats Mike!

James said...

Big Mike, I don't think I've ever seen you in a bad or negative mood. That positivity is amazing. Congrats on the award!

Mchael Gregory said...

James, Annie,

THank so much. your words mean more than you know!

joeyTWOwheels said...

Nice work, Mike. Well deserved, you're a great coach.